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Identify and eliminate unconscious bias in your workplace. 

We all have our biases, unconscious or otherwise. To move past them, we must first recognize them and be open to making a change. Crescendo provides personalized unconscious bias training inside of Slack to help you change.


Bias Prediction

Crescendo identifies bias based on your lived experiences and how you communicate with others over Slack. Share details about yourself and the topics you're curious about - the more detailed your profile, the more tailored content you receive.


Empathy-First Education

The best way to learn is by seeing the world through another's eyes. Our empathy-first educational content is designed to show you real experiences - no more scripted skits and one-size-fits-all training videos. 


Private, Continuous Feedback

It's not easy to identify your own unconscious bias. Our AI does it for you and gives you private, real-time feedback to help you make the change over time. We know it's not easy - we're here to help.

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