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Crescendo is here to help your employees Feel Included

Marginalized employees have historically lacked an avenue to safely voice their concerns about discrimination in the workplace. This leads to employee dissatisfaction, costly turnover, and toxic decay of company culture. At Crescendo, we aim to build more inclusive workplaces by facilitating secure, anonymous, and efficient communication between employees and their leadership.



In a moment of need, it can be difficult to know how to act. With Crescendo, employees at all levels have barrier-free access to professional-quality advice through the Crescendo chatbot. Tell Crescendo anything - all your data is completely protected and nothing is exposed until you share it. 


Inclusivity Toolkit

Leadership gets a real-time lens into the day-to-day events that affect company culture, as well as tools and action plans to implement change. Identifying the problem is just the first step - we also give you the tools you need to fix it. 


Secure Reporting

Employees can raise concerns about what's happening in your workplace anonymously and securely. Reporters have control over what gets shared, reducing the fear of retaliation and promoting a culture of open communication.

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Daniel D'Souza

Finance + Operations + Strategy + Tech for Good + World Travel


Sage FrancH

Cognitive Computing + Machine Learning + Blockchain + Writing + Music 


Stefan Kollenberg

Marketing + Partnerships + Customer Success + Board Games + Running 


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